Nature had better plans for your body before life got in the way

An Important Message for the Working Wounded:
It’s time to Abandon Ranks!

People often feel they need to accept pain and discomfort and carry on in spite of it. Such stoic conclusions, however, need not be made. Ranging from prescription drugs to surgery, and a host of other remedies and treatments, we often take drastic steps to alleviate our pain. Unfortunately, these methods do not always work. They may also present dangerous side effects, or they work for a period of time before the pain returns.


My name is Chuck Carpenter. I am an Advanced Certified Rolfer®. And I would like to introduce you to an alternative to the grin-and-bear-it philosophy of pain. Rolfing gets to the source of physical problems. Through targeted hands-on pressure and manipulation, Rolfing helps muscles and connective tissues regain their proper alignment and mobility, allowing you to release pain, naturally, for good. If you suffer chronic pain from stress or injury, or perhaps what you believe is an innate fault, I invite you to experience a new and enduring sense of flexibility and freedom that Rolfing can bring to your life.

Rolfing® works
at the deepest levels of your body’s structure to heal, balance and revitalize.

Chuck Carpenter, an Advanced Rolfer®, has been practicing and teaching Rolfing for over 20 years. As a “Second-Generation Rolfer,” Chuck’s instructors were hand picked by Ida Rolf herself. Rolfers like Jan Sultan, Tom Meyers, Emmett Hutchins, Jim Asher and Jeffrey Maitlan were all important teachers in Chuck’s development.
Chuck follows the unrivaled knowledge Ida Rolf taught and preserved at
The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, CO, which she founded
in 1971, and where Chuck served as an Assistant Instructor. As part of his
professional training, Chuck traveled to Europe to study Visceral Manipulation
with Jean-Pierre Barral. He also studied Cranial Sacral Therapy at both
the Upledger Institute and the Colorado Cranial Institute. And he has
served as Co-Director of The School of Integrative Therapies, where
he led the Structural Integration Certification Program.

"Rolfing is for people in all walks 
 of life — who want to walk better,
 feel better, live better."

Put your pain on notice.

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