Rolfing® solves a host of problems

If any of these complaints are debilitating you,
call 212-307-5367 and discover how Rolfing can help.

Low back pain  |  Mid back pain  |  Neck pain or stiffness  |  Headaches  |  Carpal tunnel wrist/hand pain  |  Hip discomfort or stiffness  |  Knee stiffness  |  Foot pain (plantar fasciitis)  |  Stiff calves  |  Tight hamstrings  |  Elbow stiffness  |  Shoulder restrictions  |  TMJ (temporal mandibular joint dysfunction)  |  Whiplash  |  Restricted range of motion and overall stiffness  |  Sacral joint pain (unilateral or bilateral)  |  Scoliosis
(spinal asymmetry)  |  Sciatic nerve pain (which sometimes manifests as numbness tingling down the leg into the foot)  |  Stooped shoulders  |  Poor posture  |  Pelvic asymmetry  |  Leg length differences  |  Abdominal discomfort,
constipation, and digestive issues  |  Sinus pressure

In many cases, these conditions are
merely symptoms resulting from long-term imbalances and asymmetries.
Rolfing addresses the root causes of such pain.